Every business is different and is in a different place when they come to us.  Some books require clean-up or catch up.  Some need set-up.  And some need mostly maintenance.


Meet with us for free and get an honest assessment of what your business needs from a QuickBooks & bookkeeping perspective. 


We'll customize options for you after consulting with you to understand more about your business and your needs and wants. 


We understand it's helpful to have "ballpark" pricing upfront.  Below you'll see estimates for our package pricing.

Introductory Consultation

Schedule your free introductory consultation to learn how Allied can help with your business needs and provide peace of mind.

QuickBooks Set-up and Training

With our approach, set-up and training go hand-in-hand.  By the end of our set-up/training period - your books will be done for at least two months. We work together.  As we go, we understand more about your business, and you understand how YOUR business works with QuickBooks


$195 (up to 3 hours)


Includes up to 1 hour of email/phone support - for use within 3 months of set-up.


Take it further if you need more than two months of books caught up.

QuickBooks Catch-up/Clean-up and Training

The length of time required to catch up or clean up your books depends on the number of months, the number of transactions, the number of accounts and how much work you want to do versus how much you want us to do.  Please schedule a free consultation, and we are happy to provide you with an estimate.

The "I Got This" Bookkeeping Package

You plan to do your own bookkeeping but needed help setting up your QuickBooks and learning how to use the software. 

We've got you all set up in QuickBooks, and now you may need the occasional phone/email support to keep things on track.

This package is only available for clients who have gone through Allied's QuickBooks Set-up (or QuickBooks Clean-up).

INCLUDES QuickBooks Online PLUS

AND up to 30 minutes per month of email/phone support


Monthly Reconciliation & Reporting Packages

What you do:

Pay your bills and expenses

Receive payments from clients/customers

Provide us with your bank/credit card/loan statements monthly

What we do:

Enter and classify all transactions for bank accounts, credit cards and loan accounts

Reconcile accounts on a monthly basis

Send you (and your CPA) monthly financial statements within 20 days of receiving your statements.

Pricing Levels (ballpark)

Level 1 | Up to 75 transactions | up to 2 accounts | $99/month

Level 2 | Up to 100 transactions | up to 3 accounts | $149/month

Level 3 | Up to 125 transactions | up to 4 accounts | $199/month

Level 4 | Up to 150 transactions | up to 5  accounts | $249/month

Transactions are determined by taking a monthly average across all accounts that should be reconciled monthly (such as bank, credit card or Paypal accounts).

Cash Flow Projections

Are you writing a business plan and need help with projections?

Do you need to make projections for the future of your business?

Let us know what your needs are and we will provide you with an estimate.